Three SIGNED Paperbacks Deal

Three SIGNED Paperbacks Deal

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Alright, when I came up with this deal my wife thought I was nuts.

(She's usually right, so...)


Here's the deal though...

You have to buy the novels directly from me.

No Amazon.

No Apple.

Just me. The author.



"Sci-fi/fantasy at it's best"


"One of the most satisfying ending's I've ever read."


I've put Two Paperback Books together in a single promotional offer...  All signed by me, the author!

AND I've added in a bonus paperback novella! (the wildly popular "Santa Squad" with it's tongue-in-cheek satire. You WON'T want to miss it!)


A mix of the real and unreal!

Get three of Author Steven Heumann's bestselling SIGNED paperbacks all at once.

Dreamforgers: Steve's newest novel follows Abbie Kinder as she hunts predators in other people's nightmares. Too bad she can't remember any of it when she wakes up. What happens when her actions in the dream have deadly consequences in the real world? (NOT AVAILABLE ON AMAZON)

Retooled: Sci-fi tales of fairies and folk. These retellings of lesser-known fairy tales will lead you into dark realms of arcane science, dystopian cities, and war-torn continents. You only think you know the stories!

The Santa Squad: Get ready for a violently heartwarming Christmas carol! The North Pole is under attack, and Santa isn't taking it sitting down. This novella is a hilarious mix of Hallmark Channel charm with good old Die Hard action. You will love it!

This offer is only available here for a limited time!