Gavin Baller Complete Collection

Gavin Baller Complete Collection

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The Entire Saga in One Collection. 

Gavin Baller isn't a hero...but he plays one on TV.

The aliens who just arrived to kidnap him seem to know more about him than he does.

As Hollywood's number one A-Lister, Gavin has it all except one thing: a purpose. Now with extra terrestrials on his tail, an estranged best friend, and a beautiful protector by his side, this actor has to become the hero he's always pretended to be.

Join Gavin on this epic and hilarious adventure as he discovers that space travel is nothing like Captain Kirk or Luke Skywalker promised. Plus Gavin's forced to go toe to toe with a galactic tyrant ready to rain down death and destruction merely to avoid his own boredom.

A self-absorbed celebrity verses the biggest threat in the universe?

Yeah, this isn't going to end well.

​​The Gavin Baller Collection, Volume 1 completes the first trilogy in the series with:

 Book 1: Hollywood Clone

 Book 2: Empty Universe, and

 Book 3: Galactic Kingpin.