Collection: The Essential Science Fiction Thriller Collection

Get the COMPLETE Steven Heumann Science Fiction Thriller Collection, including all SEVEN of his published works...and one only available HERE!

 “If Christopher Nolan wrote books, THIS is what it would look like!”

 “Not what I a good way!”

 “Packed with concepts that gripped me.”

 “Amazing book! Definitely a great read.”

 “An enjoyable read that leaves you wanting more!

 The Science Fiction Thriller Collection includes BEST SELLERS Paper Heroes; the complete Gavin Baller Series with Hunt for the Hollywood Clone, Empty Universe, and Galactic Kingpin; Retooled: Sci-Fi Tales of Fairies & Folk; Station Zarahemla; The Santa Squad; and for the first time (and only available with this offer, the acclaimed short story Nightingale!

 Buy now, because it's only available with this ONE-TIME OFFER!

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