Paper Heroes: A Sci-fi Thriller Novel (Kindle and ePub)

Paper Heroes: A Sci-fi Thriller Novel (Kindle and ePub)

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Stewart Mitchell is a nobody, until he witnesses a terrorist attack that changes the world. Right place right time, or did someone want him in the heat of the explosions?

One offer will change his life and set him on a course where his best intentions become weapons to use against him. Who's pulling his strings? Who wants retribution?

Each choice Stewart makes leads him deeper into a world of fake heroes and villains. The road to hell? Stewart's paving it as fast as he can. Get ready for a superhero thriller where the good guys don't stand a chance.

If you love Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, or Lincoln Child you'll LOVE Paper Heroes. The hunt for Retribution is on! Pick up your copy today!

Praise for 'Paper Heroes':

"Unpredictable, great pacing, fantastic read!" - Z.C.
"I was hooked from the first sentence. I wanted to go on this journey with the characters." - M.J.
"Exciting, fast-paced twist on a super hero story!" - A.G.