Dream Addicts eBook (Kindle and ePub)

Dream Addicts eBook (Kindle and ePub)

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Dreaming is More Dangerous Than Ever!

After gaining the ability to remember the dream world, Abbie Kinder thought everything would be easy. Instead she discovers that her life has become far more complicated...and dangerous.

While on a clandestine mission in Europe, Abbie is confronted by the man who has been manipulating everything in both the real world and the dream. What she discovers is a moral gray area that threatens to consume her. Crises multiply, as do the power-hungry dreamers seeking revenge, but the greatest menace facing huminty may be Abbie herself.

Can she avoid destroying everything she's fighting to protect, along with the handsome man she's falling for?

No good choices remain as Abbie comes face to face with what may be her greatest enemy: her own power.

Is addiction her only possible fate?

Dream Addicts picks up where Dreamforgers left off, delving into a world of pure creation where people are free to become whoever they want, even when that person is a horrific mirror of their physical self.


"The author creates a believable main character who's world is completely thrown upside down, and when that happens I can see myself reacting in the same way." - M. Johnson, Amazon Review

"I really enjoy Steven's writing style. This book will keep you interested with all its twists, turns and inclusion of current pop culture! I can't wait to read the next one." - Camile Peterson, Amazon Review